As a service to DIALOGUE readers and friends Gabriel Bookshelf provides a shop-at-home book purchase service. On the Bookshelf you will find a selection of Canadian writers discussing politics or telling stories that will make you laugh or cry, but that will always make you think. Here is a partial list.


“The First Step”

A history of French Nationalism and its conflict with traditional Canadian values. The author suggests the time has come for Quebec and Canada to travel their own roads.
By Maurice J. King, Civil Rights activist and journalist. COST: $12.00


This explosive novel shows what happens when B.C. fed up with Ottawa’s arrogance, ignorance and costly bilingualism fraud says NO MORE!

COST: $10.00


“Alexis in Charterland” Kenneth McDonald the author of a number of books about Canadian’s socioeconomic condition, has in a very interesting and explicit way simplified the Canadian Charter of Rights for all of us to read and understand. COST: $11.00


"New Rules for the New Age."

By Garth Turner. The book gives insights on what Canadians should be doing now to prepare for the future. COST: $21.57


"Escaping the Matrix." By Richard K. Moore. Richard exposes our present 'manufactured' reality, managed for the benefit of elite interests. The book provides a bridge to a profoundly optimistic vision for achieving new sustainable societies through local action. COST:$19


"The Clash of Civilizations. Remaking the world order." By Samuel P. Huntington. The renowned political scientist explains how "civilizations" have replaced nations and ideologies as the driving force in global politics today. COST:$24.38 (plus postage $7 West of Ontario, $9 East of Manitoba.)



"The Great Turning." By David C. Korten. Developments distinct to our time are telling us that 'Empire' has reached the limits of the exploitation that people and Earth will sustain. A mounting perfect economic storm, born of a convergence of peak oil, climate change and imbalanced U.S. economy dependent on debts it can never repay, is poised to bring a dramatic restructuring of every aspect of modern life.

COST:$39.17 (plus postage $7 West of Ontario, $9 East of Manitoba.)



"Life Money and Illusion - Living on earth as if we want to stay." By Mike Nickerson. This important book shows how money has been used and misused; and how we can change from a growth dominated society that will eventually collapse, to a sustainable one.

COST: $21.15 (plus postage $7 West of Ontario, $9 East of Manitoba.)


"Armed Madhouse" By Gregg Palast. Get the straight story of what

today's self-appointed Masters of the Universe have in store for you.

COST: $30 (plus postage $7 West of Ontario, $9 East of Manitoba)


"Clear Body, Clear Mind - the Effective Purification Program" By L. Ron Hubbard. The programme is aimed at eliminating the built-up of destructive chemicals in the body."

 COST: $24.15.



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