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Dialogue is a bi-monthly, non-profit publication committed to the Freedom of Expression amongst Canadians. Dialogue is written by volunteers - its readers - as well as volunteer organizations across Canada. The publication was developed by Maurice J. King and Janet K. Hicks in 1987.

Maurice, the volunteer publisher of dialogue, is a long-time activist for individual rights and freedom of expression in Canada and author of "The First Step" (a study of Quebec nationalism and its effect on Canadian values). In addition to maintaining the subscription records up-to-date, Maurice produces an e-newsletter that is sent out monthly (to subscribers and anyone who requests it).  Janet worked in community organizations in Quebec in the 1980's-90s and has been the volunteer editor of dialogue since it began (except during 2000, when her workload was too demanding). She handles the layout and cover design as well as the editing.  Maurice and Janet live in Nanaimo, B.C. (since 2001) and produce the magazine from their home.  Penny (photo below) is dialogue's volunteer greeter and fitness coordinator!

Dialogue was created to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between Canadians. In addition to personal stories, poetry, photos  and cartoons, the magazine features political commentary and exposÚs on topics that you will not find often in the mainstream media. Dialogue is Canadians' answer to political correctness and a place where opinions can be freely expressed without pressure from corporate sponsors or the political elites.

The publication is supported by subscriptions, donations, and much volunteer effort (and the occasional local ad); it has also benefited from the postal rates made available to periodicals by subsidies provided to Canada Post by the Canadian government (a program currently under review and subject to change).

The readers and writers of dialogue form a vital network - across Canada - of people who value the English language and are interested in issues affecting the future of Canada.

Maurice, Janet & "Penny"

(Photo by Shari Cummins, Harbour City Star)

For more information, e-mail Dialogue [dialogue (at)] or write to:
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